Grow With Digital Advertising

Before You Get Going Full Steam With Your Online Business, I’d Love To Share With You Some Insights And Guidance That I’ve Learned About, Online Advertising.

Social Media As An Open Forum Gives A Voice To Those Who Have Previously Not Had The Ability To Be Heard. Both Large And Small Businesses & On-Line Marketers Use Social Media To Reach Out To Their Prospects Or Clients.

Social Media Is Another Way To Digital Marketing Strategy, For You To Give Exposure To Your Business, Build Brand Awareness Or Promote Your Product.

I Will Briefly, In This Guide, Will Share How You As A Retailer Can Best Market Across Facebook, Instagram And Audience Network. Whether You’re Entirely New To Digital Marketing Or Have Already Seen Success With It, This Guide Is Designed To Help All Retail Marketers Get The Most Out Of Their Campaigns.

Before You Jump In, Be Sure To

  • Do A Proper Planning – 1. Your Business Goal – 2. Your Target Audience.

  • Choose Your Objective To Your Campaign –


2. Brand Awareness

3. Capture Leads

There Are Many Options Available In Facebook Promotions Like Demography Where You Want Your Ads To Appear, Age Group, Segmentation Of Audience By Their Interest, Which You Can Use To Help Generate Online Demand For Your Products Or Services.

  • The Next Step Is The Creatives For Your Promotions.

Showcase Your Product Or Service, Drive Interest By Showing Your Best Selling Products Or Services, Key Features, Benefits And Other Selling Points.

  • Use Different Calls-To-Action, Depending On Your Audience.

Use Strong Call-To-Action Buttons To Generate Interest Like: Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Donate Now, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up And Watch More OR Simply Direct Them To Your Website.

Building Brand Awareness Is The First Step Toward Building And Maintaining A Strong Brand And Driving Sales. Drive Awareness By Maximizing The Number Of People Who See Your Ads Over A Specific Time Period.

Next Is Budget Allocation

Maximize Your Budget, Plan For The Optimal Reach And Frequency Levels For Your Campaign Up To Six Months In Advance.

Generating Demand Can Lead To People Considering New Products And Increasing The Lifetime Value Of Your Customers. It Can Also Be Helpful In Acquiring Sales From New Customers, Cross-Selling And Upselling. The Challenge For Acquisition Lies In Reaching The Right People. At A Time When Attention Is A Scarce Commodity, Marketers Not Only Have To Find Potential Customers, But Also Need To Make It As Easy As Possible For Them To Share Information About Themselves. This Enables Marketers To Understand Purchase Intent And Build A Relationship, Resulting In Customers Completing Their First Purchase, Whether On A Website Or In-Store.

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